Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pulling the trigger!

So far Doug, Janel and Timmy D are proud owners of plane tickets.
That makes 4 of us!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some refinements to what's going on.!

Things you might not deduce from the

You should register NOW!!
And buy your tickets soon, because prices will fluctuate.
I was just looking at From JFK to Delhi nonstop is $888. Then Ticket to Bagdogra was about $170

Transportation from Bagdogra to Gantok and back is free!!

Days to be there..18th-30th

18th=First night that the tourism dept starts paying for hotel rooms.
19th=Race registration
20th race starts-28th
30th=Tourism Department takes everyone on a sight seeing tour!
31st= Shuttles back to Bagdogra

Check in on the 19th at the HOTEL MAYUR / HOTEL SOYENG at Gangtok at the latest.

Arrange your flight from your arrival airport in India to Bagdogra on line.
Again is my favorite search engine.

If you need to stay longer contact HOTEL MAYUR / HOTEL SOYENG at Gangtok, for days to stay there. Racer discount puts room rates at $18 night!!