Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Some questions by Janel Answered

These are in response to questions asked by Janel.

1. Weather during the month of March to April usually used to be dry but however due to recent changes in GLOBAL WARMING sometimes we get rain. October was a misprint and my sincere apologies.
2. Temperature varies from Place to Place in Gangtok it 10degree Celsius to 22 degree Celsius and when at Ravong it 4degree to 11 degree.
3. Yeah it is correct Day was Map does state Feet
4. We will be storing Bike Boxes during the Race from Day 1 to Day 9.
5. Tents are water proof.
6. Racer list will be publicised
7. Last year result detail are not on net and will mail you soon.
8. Every day after Race is over Result will be publicised within Three hours and will also be putted on Net.
9. Every day you will be briefed by Commissar President about Race, Route, Refreshment Point Do's & Don't etc.
10 A detail Map with Kilometre will be provided by us.
11. Entire Route is well marked and guarded by a strong team of volunteers and official.
12. A wireless communication is available throughout the race
13. A stand by Helicopter of Indian Army for any eventuality


Nipun said...

Could you please post the daily updates on the race? Viewers would really appreciate it.


Mahendra M Sharma said...

Hi Harlan,

It was pleasure going through the blog with complete details about the last year's race.

Accessed the website sikkimmtb.com, but its hacked.